back then.

i have this whole folder entirely dedicated to the countless number of videos i have of these really whacky looking guys (because of the hair) swaying in their seats at the back of the classrooms with the purple walls, the blue walls, the green walls, the class table in the canteen, at ‘the scrabble board’ outside the staff room, the treehouses, the very solemn history class even! shamlessly letting loose all their soul’s worth of energy in their voices, vaguely but discernably to the tune of wonderwall. at times it was the wild semi-drunken bohemian rhaphsody or the emo-ish stay the same (tho probably none can really compare to the overwhelming flood of memories associated with wonderwall) but regardless of what songs they were singing (or should i say, trying to sing) these videos never fail to bring back the heart-warming (and i mean, literally heart-warming) memories of my jc years. even though i do wish i had taken my studies more seriously then, it’s hard to regret living -what seems to have been the last of the free life- the way we did.

perhaps with national service and all, it feels like we’ve all been forced to grow up, forced to leave our youth, together with its innocent playfulness behind (alright, maybe not innocent then): a grey curtain of age and monotony has been drawn over our world. at least i can say that i’ve lived life doing some of the most meaningless and meaningful things that i dont think many other people can brag about:

nil sine labore

truly, nothing without labour.


~ by moz on April 25, 2007.

3 Responses to “back then.”

  1. shit i lurved that chicken, mozzie. *sad look*
    ahhah you still have the “music vids” is it?
    send some to me luh ^^, sometimes i suffer acute attacks of
    vj/53 withdrawal symptoms. they always come without warning,
    and for no reason.

  2. sure! except my msn has gone disfunctional. i wld think denys might have his personal collection?

  3. after reading this post i went back and watched every single relevent video 🙂

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