all part of the masterplan.

it is oasis’ british brand of music that seems to capture so well the full dullness of the grey gloomy london clouds slugishly crawling above that so starkly parrallels to the mood of the ordinary singaporean boy undergoing national service that explains why i listen to them so much nowadays.


you shall not be afraid of the terror by night, or the arrow that flies by day.

i feel that i should’ve somehow tributed an entry to friday night’s events. perhaps its just sickening to think about it year after year, tho it would be entirely true to say, none came as close as this year. maybe i’ve resorted to the fact that we’re here to be the perenial underdogs, never made to win but to be kept in a cycle of hope and disapointment till kingdom come. but i dont think i can give up on the gongjiao dream altogether now.

back to camp.


~ by moz on May 1, 2007.

5 Responses to “all part of the masterplan.”

  1. and then dance if you wanna dance
    please brother take a chance

  2. ni mei you link wo!


    (did you understand that?)

  3. hey moz. sorry we didnt talk all tt much on the eve of labor day but hey we’ve always been able to talk so i really LIterally am just 1 phonecall away. i really hope life is treating u alright, as u deserve. and on keeping th dream alive?.. its so true. even if not, perhaps, in yr lifetime (not tt im making a prediction IM NOT)haha. besides, everyone loves an underdog story. and i say tt with no hint of irony whatsoever. =) be well.

  4. denys:
    you know they’re gonna go
    which way they want to go
    all we know is that we don’t know.

    i think the song quite accurately encapsulates oasis’ attitude towrads life – the masterplan’s too complicated to be bothered abt it. nevermind la. life goes on!



    i gather that that was a mixture of chinese words (with one english lead) probably complaining that i did not ‘link’ you. done! and above’s imran’s (stagnant, but still imran’s) blog. and nice cummings poem btw.


    heya, it’s still funny hearing that from an sc girl, but i know what you mean la, and thanks, i believe very much that i will still be in my early 20s (i just hit me how old we are now!!! in one year, we will no longer refer to the stage of life we’re in as ‘teens’ but ’20s!’) when that happens. don’t mind the rants above, because they are after all, only rants. hope life is treating you well too, and yes, bus 55s back does say many things, and me too, i am a phonecall away, tho not quite literally, cuz of, well, national service. but still.

  5. Hey, actually, London isn’t as gloomy and as dark as everyone thinks it is.. In fact, now that spring is here, and summer is slowly edging in, it gets bright at 5am and dark at 9pm. Amusing at first, but it becomes annoying after a while!


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