tower of refuge.

unknowingly, or more likley, knowingly, i’ve hinged my life onto several secure pivots, points i believe will not leave me just dangling over what is below (things i hope to never know.) ‘secure pivots’ because they are things i can mostly trust on, ‘several’ because i dont think i can quite trust them individually to not snap on me from the weight of the burdens i carry (and burdens that need to be carried) and so, maybe in order to even out the pressure, i let the bulk of weight shift from one end to another, tyring to be fair and not always necessarily efficient in utility. but perhaps i’m not seeing the totality of this structure which i’m hanging on, the greater omniscient being which all the other points i hang onto hang onto; this tower of refuge. and that suggests that there may be a simpler design to secure the ropes, which’ for more than it’s simplicity, has an attraction that lies in the fact that it will be more secure than any other design of the architect whose vision is limited to merely a few points on a wall he doesnt even know what it is part of.

i had a dream of kwek zhengyu in his new recruit’s hair-cut. 0.0

i should’ve taken more pictures.


~ by moz on May 13, 2007.

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