I’m back!

and it was awesome fun. 15 days of continually new stuff and hence alot to say, which we tried keeping a log along the way, but what a sucker for hedonism we were. especially so on a vacation!

so predictably, what will happen is that eons from now, while i’m being in a contemplative and less-emo-than-it-seems mood, usually middle of the night kind of hour, i will appear here and replay selected scenes with it’s accompanying thoughts through my head and recreate them in words to the best of my ability.

for example, how different the sunset looks from above the clouds and how while we were just enjoying the shifting view, everyone else was just slumping in their seats, or being too asorbed in their little screens to notice what lay behind their window shades. or maybe when one day when i’m walking along some badly painted HDBs (some HDBs can be quite nice in it’s own way i do feel) maybe together with the discomfort of the tropical weather, i will bring myself back to the unique victorian architecture on the tip of San Fransico’s hilly terrain, facing downwards to the bay at one angle, and to their down town’s sky scrapers another. or when i’m trying to acquiant myself better with current affairs, the UN plaza with the very solemnly phrased mission inscripted across it and the very grandly designed city hall building overlooking in the background, and how on wednesdays and sundays, the moving market sets up their shops there and the result is a bunch of people who couldn’t care less trampling over those ever so important words and how it’s become a mockery of itself.

or when life gets busy and i just want to shut myself out for a minute, the image of the inexplicable charm of a cosy little cabin that it and it’s fireplace was our refuge from the chilly nights at Lake Tahoe. or maybe i’ll be shopping somewhere down town and i’ll remember the unbeatable sales we got there at their mega huge factory outlets and think what a rip off everything is. (black friday this year recorded the cheapest sales in history. factory outlet prices + 50% off + additional 30% off + additional 10% off – another $10 if we paid by cash instead of credit).

or, if i just wanted nice views, i could just think of those birdeye views from the plance, people lying on the grass patch after church at Yerba Beauna Gardens, the Bay bridge (the anti-thesis of the Golden Gate) quirky little mission street and it’s stores, Napa wine valley and the winery in a castle, Emerald Bay and it’s little Norwegian summer house, Yosimite and it’s waterfalls, Santa Cruz and it’s window designs, Big Sur and it’s awesome bay views and blablabla.

Therefore, from now till eons later, for pictures or a brief narrative account, you may refer here instead. happy holidays everyone!


~ by moz on December 11, 2008.

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