i had this list of things that I said I would do last summer, and as the story goes, is still lying around, items all unchecked. i’ve spent the past few days doing some of them, though not in the uninhibited fashion i’d prefer: sleeping extended hours (involuntarily), wandering around craft stores (very very inspirational, and i miss the feeling sorely) and reading up Vietnam’s and Cambodia’s history, albeit from my newly purchased lonely planet books.

and i am starting to feel the week10-ness of the semester.

take me to the sapa hills nowwwww.


~ by moz on October 18, 2010.

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  1. Hey Moz, a tip i learnt about lonely planet books & backpacking – if you’re reading for a short trip, just borrow them from the library =D. You can then go back later, just before the backpacking trip to borrow it again to bring along.

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