When I was younger, I recall being taught this chinese proverb which suggested that doing what we love never feels like hard work. My parents, throughout my education, eagerly reinforced this idea and encouraged me to study what I enjoyed, which I am very thankful for.

I have since learnt that, at least for me, that is often not the case though. Work is still work, even if it is something I love, and persistence and not being hippie and deciding to commit to a certain set of skills does pay off a long way. Also, I have found that being formally compensated for something I love, very quickly removes much semblance of joy from merely doing it. Also, rather strangely, work seems least like work when it is least required of me. Perhaps, work feels the most like work when I find the freedom to not do it removed from me. Or maybe, I derive a certain joy investing time into things that I actively chose to do, free from pressure, which is not necessarily different.

I have since decided that I don’t have to do something I love for a living. In fact, I don’t want to ever do something I love too much for a living. Neither do I want to find myself married to some intellectual pursuit, or my music, or some other hobby, and turn it into a job. There are much more meaningful and rewarding things to get married to, such as people I think.

Now, off I go to read all those awesome development articles not just because its a topic I love, but simply because I need to get away from work. Grass is always greener on the other side huh.


~ by moz on April 11, 2011.

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