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I’ve begun to think that participation in the private sector has always been a task of visionaries (think Steve Jobs) who can understand what people want (not want they say they want) and are able to translate that into some form of material product. Participatory mechanisms with all its bureaucratic unrepresentative tokenistic failings, seem to be something else. Nevertheless, there are important distinctions between the private sector from the public in this case – for instance, the ability to opt out of not getting an iphone is hardly comparable to how we want to use public space. Yet, there seems to be something promising about being able to coopt these visionaries who , with great charisma, is able to show people that this is what they really want. Of course, showing people what they really want cannot simply be constructed out of nothingness and has to be based on what people actually want.


~ by moz on October 30, 2013.

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